Elizabeth II, Queen of Hats. SamHenry’s Favorites – The Hits and a Big Miss

Posted on June 1, 2012

SamHenry’s favorite hat worn by Queen Elizabeth II adorned her head in 1977 at the religious service during celebrations for her Silver Jubilee. The bells dropping from chords at the back were lovely and not hoaky.

Now for my least favorite hat.  It was worn for the investiture of Prince Charles in Wales and looked like it was made for Darth Vader’s mother.  Things were “mod” then (1969). Even Charles’ crown was streamlined:

She looks best in bright colors:

She used to be poked fun at about her wardrobe.  No longer.  People can look back to someone who was sensibly and appropriately dressed for all occasions. She has paced her life and her wardrobe well.  Godspeed, Madam.