Do We Need A Write-In Candidate for President?

Posted on June 13, 2012

Can there still be a write-in campaign for President? We live in a talentless political landscape coping with 40% loss of income for middle-class America, terrorism and Lindsay Lohan. Neither education nor therapy seems to work here anymore.

Our politicians only make the news when they make a mistake; our Hollywood stars are expected to have bikini bodies and nothing more, and a college education costs what a house costs.

We are all so tired from running in place we could not possibly organize a demonstration never mind a revolution to change things. We are so polarized that we can’t have an old fashioned discussion over the back yard fence.

We’d pray to the gods for intervention but even those lines of communication are being tapped. Self talk is risky. The gods might do something but from what I’ve heard, they think intervention is not cost-effective. They watch ALL the TV financial shows on both sides of the spectrum and are as undecided as we are. The only certainty: the stock market goes up and down.

Is it too late for a write-in candidate backed by independents ?  In some states, yes.  My colleague, Arlene Army, has pointed out that a write in candidate is not allowed in Oklahoma. Several other states have that same policy:  Alabama, Louisana and Mississippi.  A list of states and their rules for write-in candidates may be found here.