Many NOT Fired Up Against This Election

Posted on August 7, 2012

This is not a formal poll; this is not an official anything.  This is just a report of conversations with friends and relatives about the election.  For the most part, I am on the receiving end of a quick comment.  People in my range are expressing their dissatisfaction with the two top candidates.

I have talked with bloggers who are not really fired up to blog about it.  There is a malaise in the US.  We are all waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Neither candidate seems to be the answer to our problems.  And candidates mentioned as being in the wings for possible revolt at a convention are in not any more popular.  Face it, we are very divided and if this keeps up. this house will not stand.

Then to read that riots are expected surrounding either the conventions or the election in November takes this whole thing to another level of unreality.  This cannot be the United States.  We are all stunned, shell-shocked and in horror.  The big subject of this election is not what the candidates have or have not achieved or that they want in the future.  The big story is the American public and their lack of enthusiasm for this fight.


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