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The Chinese Have Won in Afghanistan and Pakistan and have Conquered Africa

June 23, 2011


With thieves steeling copper wire from telecom companies, utility wiring and etc. here to meet the Chinese demand [TGDaily], China inked the largest deal for copper with the Afghanis in return for money and infrastructure to extract it.  They have reaped the greatest benefit from the Afghan war. But the most chilling victory has been […]

Result of AWOL President During Libyan Crisis – Complete Disarray Among Allies

March 24, 2011

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Ok all of you countries who want to weaken the west by breaking up NATO and other organizations and treaties between them.  Obama is here to help.  The President’s sojourn in South America has netted these multiple headlines in the Daily Mail: Who’s in charge? Germans pull forces out of NATO as Libyan coalition falls […]

Bahrain Could Be the Fuse That Ignites Conflict Between Iran And Saudi Arabia

March 18, 2011


Iran considers Bahrain as part of its territory.  30% of the population are of Persian descent with relatives in Iran.  The majority Muslim sect in the country is that of Iran – Shiite.  A Sunni minority lives and Rules in Bahrain. Sheikh Salman al-Khalifa, the Crown Prince, has repeatedly sought to open a dialogue with […]

From Jefferson to Jihad – Listen Carefully to the Arab Streets

March 15, 2011


Alain Gresh  has authored a long and insightful article critical to the understanding of what is playing out in the Arab world today beginning with Egypt. He moves from the general thesis: No dictatorship lasts forever, even when it rules the world’s most populous Muslim nation. Internal changes influence foreign policy, but the extent of […]

Hillary Set to Meet with Lybian Opposition; Visit Tunisia and Egypt

March 11, 2011


Suddenly Hillary – back in the news. No she’s not in Japan but it appears she has been working with head down and with little rest if the photo at the left is any measure. The White House announced today that she will meet with the leaders of the Libyan Opposition Transitional Council as part […]

Libya Bombs Cits. US and UN Forces May Have Legitimate Basis to Attack Gaddafi

March 2, 2011


Here in the US, we awoke to the disturbing news that Libya’s government forces have bombed its own citizens in the town of  al-Brega  in the rebel-held eastern part of the country. [CNN]  Surely the US and the UN cannot stand by and allow this to happen.  There may be legitimacy in their taking action.  […]

Libya – US Repositions Military Assets Offshore. Special Ops In Country 1 March 2011

March 1, 2011


According to Prison Planet, the aircraft carrier Enterprise has been repositioned in the Gulf region and it may not have been the best move: Earlier today, we reported that the US military is in the process of repositioning its forces in the area around Libya “to be able to provide flexibility and options.” And while […]