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Obama’s Annoying, Calculated Silence

March 18, 2011


Has Obama learned a thing or two winging his way across the globe on his beloved Air Force One?  Is the country on auto-pilot?  This has been going on since last spring.  There was a period of frenzied activity and eloquent speeches for the fall, 2010 elections and then back to meetings with the Cabinet […]

Obama Enters Diplomatic Bermuda Triangle. France Our Best Friend – Not the UK?

January 12, 2011


Obama: Drop the Blackberry; stand away from Air Force One with your hands in the air; Go to your room. The above would be the scenario if Interpol had a protocol department and if  SamHenry were assigned to it.   A request would have been proffered to be able to follow suspect Barack Obama, President […]

Islam is Getting the Last Laugh Over Plans to Burn Qurans

September 9, 2010


CNN’s Legal Correspondent, Jeff Toobin said just this afternoon that the media played a large role in the whole Quran burning hype because they paid attention to the Florida Preacher*.  He said this at a point in the day when the Preacher had determined to drop plans for burning the Qurans and to fly to […]

Since 2008, Drug Cartels Have Been Hi Tech with Private Fleets of Submarines and Jet Aricraft

July 1, 2010

Comments Off on Since 2008, Drug Cartels Have Been Hi Tech with Private Fleets of Submarines and Jet Aricraft is featuring an article today by another news outlet whose work they admire that has made a report on the submarines now used by drug cartels.  Here is a portion of it: Homemade submarines up the drug smuggling ante By David Feinberg, VBS.TV correspondent June 30, 2010 — Updated 2201 GMT (0601 HKT)’) Buenaventura, […]


June 27, 2010


President Obama came to office determined to better understand and to listen – especially to Muslim countries previously “neglected” by previous administrations.  Now it seems in more ways than one that in the Middle East, the Administration is engaging Turkey using policies and procedures from the Carter-Bush years. Would we ever think to hear such […]


April 5, 2010


Tired of getting forwarded e-mails from friends telling you of a day and time to watch an expose of Barack Obama on FOX News?  They began in October, 2009 and the last one sailed through my mailbox last week: Fox news this Sunday 9:00 Pm Eastern….. This Coming Sunday– Set Your DVR This Sunday at […]

Airport Scan of Film Star Distributed – Hope this Scares Terrorists

February 9, 2010


It’s happened. All of our scanning nightmares have come true. At Heathrow Airport the scan of Indian film star Shahrukh Khan was printed and distributed by staff captivated by his naked charm.. Do we laugh or cry? Personally, I laughed then cried. This is so typical of the West’s inability to effectively fight terrorism. We […]