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Arab Prejudice in the Workplace? If You Don’t Wear A Niquab, Don’t Apply to Work Here

July 31, 2012


    CNN is reporting that a woman in Cairo who recently graduated from a school of communications there was told she could not work in most television stations because she wore the Niquab. The Niquab is Arab dress that covers all but the eyes.  Regardless of the fact that she would be working behind […]

Republicans Wringing Their Hands Over Newt

December 9, 2011


What is the Republican camp to do about Newt Gingrich?  Surging in the polls and in matters under investigation.  Will a vote for Newt really take us forward or will we remain at that fork in the road?  Clearly many Tea Partiers and Palin supporters will not want to close ranks – at least not […]

DroidX is Not for Sissies or the Elderly UPDATE 2/21/2011

January 3, 2011


Disclaimer:  The following is by a tech savvy but decidedly “older”  Droid user. Time for a new phone at Verizon.  They had such a good DroidX promotion last week that I was sucked in big time.  It looked good and had flawless performance in the hands of the sales person.  But in my hands, well […]

CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux And The Women of CNN

December 28, 2010


Call me jealous (I am) the gorgeous, gregarious and gifted (Harvard and Columbia grad) CNN reporter, Suzanne Malveaux is damnably difficult to ignore.  That’s why when her recent shows have featured her in either shirts or sweaters that more or less highlight her upper assets, it was like gilding the lily.  She can use it […]

Now Facebook and Skype are Linked – We Need to Stop Facebook

October 15, 2010


The following headline from Britain’s Telegraph made breakfast non-existent this morning: Skype and Facebook announce video calls deal Skype users will now be able to sync their Facebook profile with their Skype account, providing one click video calling to friends on the social networking site. By Emma Barnett, Digital Media Editor Published: 2:00PM BST 14 […]

Dems Flunk Communications 101 – Have a Hard Time Explaining Themselves

October 13, 2010


Remember last March during the heat of the debate surrounding passage of health care legislation when Speaker of the  House, Nancy Pelosi intoned:  “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it”? [Sistertoldjah] Looks as if Republicans don’t talk down to constituents; Democrats do. She didn’t give voters […]


October 3, 2010


Every so often think to check out Wired’s website to see just what a jungle the internet is these days.  We go out onto it as easily and casually as if we were walking down a sidewalk in our own neighborhood on a sunny summer day.  Well it’s getting more like Nightmare on Elm Street.  […]