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China Investors Taking Over Europe – Taking Advantage of Economic Turmoil

August 5, 2011

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The Muslim militants in Europe talk a good game and pull off terrible, costly attacks but the Chinese “invasion” may, in the end, be more debilitating. Consider that the Chinese are investing in the most troubled, peripheral countries Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal.  40% of Chinese investment in Europe is in these countries: Why pay […]

Tax Overhaul: Republicans Begin by Targeting Tax Exempt Status for AARP

April 10, 2011


AARP’s prominent role in lobbying for health care reform caught many by surprise.  Seen as a protector of the rights of Senior Citizens, the true nature of the organization’s function was made clear.  It is just another insurance provider but not just any insurance provider.  On of their big sellers: Medigap insurance for seniors.  Therefore, […]

Severity of US Economic Mess Causes Spreading Protests

February 19, 2011


Our Chinese creditors have been pressuring us to get the budget under control. Now even key administration members are addressing the need. In testifying before the Senate Budget Committee Thursday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner made a candid admission, characterizing President Barack Obama’s own budget plan as “unsustainable” with interest payments and obligations that are “excessively […]

SOTUS MUST Demonstrate Obama Leads Cooperative Rescue of Economy

January 25, 2011


The State of the Union Speech spectacular is now being called “Date Night.”  The proposal that was made for Republicans and Democrats to sit together in a way that would encourage a more civilized tone in their discourse has been taken to heart.  One congresswoman even laughed and said she would love a wrist corsage. […]

Ireland Considers Huge EU Loan

November 18, 2010


The EU has offered Ireland the bailout it needs but does not want – at least right now.  It tells the EU that it will not need the money until next year. Issues of saving face and sovereignty surround the EU’s action and Ireland’s inaction. “It’ll be a large loan because the purpose of the […]

Get A Grip: Ireland’ Fiscal Crisis Will NOT Bring Down the EU –

November 16, 2010


Dire predictions of a collapse of the EU have swirled around utterances of the financial meltdown in Ireland.  But cool heads are emerging and speaking out: But despite fears that the crisis could bring down the euro, Ireland’s minister for European Affairs Dick Roche denied this morning that Ireland needed emergency financing. “I would hope […]