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Royal Barges and Special Events

June 1, 2012

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This Sunday Queen Elizabeth II and selected members of her family will travel down the Thames in a flotilla of  vessels aboard a  barge called Spirit of Chartwell.  She may no longer have her yacht, Britannia, but she has use of both this and also her very own  new barge, Gloriana,  in time for her […]

200 Years Ago on the Barbary Coast, Muslims Gave The Message of 9/11 to Thomas Jefferson and Other Founding Fathers.

April 6, 2012


The introduction and overview of Thomas Jefferson’s papers at the Library of Congress supports a News Max article from 2009 outlining  the history of the US with the Barbary pirates and reminds us that if we don’t know history, we are doomed to repeat it: See remainder of this article here.

Gingrich’s Sloppy Syntax Will Cost Republicans the White House if Nominated

December 10, 2011


With many already trying to stomach Newt Gingrich’s mangling of marriage commitments via infidelity and researching his alleged flip-flopping to outright lying about issues, his remarks to the Jewish Channel may have scuttled  his run for the White House.  His remarks neither benefited Israel nor Palestine as embodied in the Palestinian authority. The Jewish Channel […]

The Unpleasantness of The Royal Wedding – Big Bussiness for Press and Palace and Tourism

April 3, 2011


One thing is clear:  coverage of the Royal Wedding is currently sucking the air out of press rooms worldwide.  This was the assessment of a panel discussion on CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning.  Budgets have even been earmarked for the event. Helping to generate addictive interest in the event months out – the Palace and […]

Royal Wedding In Name Only On 29 April; Pageantry a Thing of The Past

April 2, 2011

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You don’t have to love the Royals or even to like them but if you love the history and the pageantry often associated with them you will thirst for the good old days of Royal Weddings this April 29.  Not only costs but also security have dictated that most wedding guests will travel to and […]

John Wiley Price and the People of Dallas – The History Behind His Outburst

February 17, 2011


It would be difficult for anyone reading about or seeing the video of  Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and a citizen in a Court session go at it ending with Price’s cheap shot heard ’round the world “you’re all white. Go to hell.”  Whichever way you judged the proceedings and the people, there is […]

Background Information on the Current Crisis in Egypt in News Analysis, Literature and Film.

February 1, 2011


Analysis and News of Current Crisis in Egypt – See Mother Jones‘ site features a wealth of information both historical and contemporary about Egypt and its politics. Recent article: “Who is Behind the Egyptian Revolution” – an overview of the factions in the body politic from the Guardian. Recent article in Jordan Times, “Columinsts Split […]