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200 Years Ago on the Barbary Coast, Muslims Gave The Message of 9/11 to Thomas Jefferson and Other Founding Fathers.

April 6, 2012


The introduction and overview of Thomas Jefferson’s papers at the Library of Congress supports a News Max article from 2009 outlining  the history of the US with the Barbary pirates and reminds us that if we don’t know history, we are doomed to repeat it: See remainder of this article here.

Lessons From French Massacre at Toulouse

March 27, 2012


Perhaps the most important lesson in the wake of the massacre in Toulouse, France has been the stark fact that there will be people – even people of watch and no-fly lists that will slip past autorities and create such henious crimes.  Reasons abound but sheer numbers tell the story.  The number of militants is […]

Sarkozy Years Ahead in Addressing Radical Muslims and Protection of French Culture

March 27, 2012


The reality is that Europe has been over-run – really invaded by Muslims.  They refuse to integrate into the society in place not just through dress but through isolating their communities, disdain of Western culture and, in many cases, preaching the overthrow of western governments and the destruction of western culture within  the boundaries of […]

“Ruthless” Obama’s 5/1 Pak “Invasion” Risked Sub Continent War; Has Benefitted China Not US

May 3, 2011


In a delicately balanced international community, a small band of commandos may have brought more than honor to the US. We are more at risk than at any time since 9/11.  One hopes that with a porous southern border and air travel not yet secure that the administration has taken all precaution to protect the […]

Virginia Military Academy Welcomes the Muslim Brotherhood

March 22, 2011


  [At] Chancellorsville, after all plans had been made, all orders given, he looked out at his troops and said, “The Virginia Military Insitute will be heard from today.  “Stonewall” Jackson. Improbable as this may seem, recently the Muslim Brotherhood was active in a program at VMA (Virginia Military Institute): ___________________________________________ Muslim Brotherhood’s Weeklong Celebration […]

What Happened To That Pro Sharia Protest of Choudary’s At the White House March 3rd?

March 16, 2011


Anjem Choudary the controversial and outspoken British Islamic cleric was to have held a pro-sharia protest in front of the White House this past March 3rd.  But he had one cautionary thought:  what if I held a pro-sharia demonstration in front of the White House and only a few Muslims came? In the 13 minute […]

Peter King’s Hearings on Radicalization of Young Muslims in America – Free Speech Showcased

March 11, 2011

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In reviewing the tapes of the controversial congressional hearing (first in a series) chaired by Rep. Peter King, R, NY, attempts were made to provide a platform for all sides of the issue that it was inappropriate to single out any one ethnic or religious group.  To his credit, King gave time for a colleague […]