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Barack and the Battle for the Budget. A Cautionary Tale for Republicans

April 9, 2011


Once again, the worm has turned and Barack Obama has emerged from a key debate with some portion of the successful outcome.  Like a deus ex machina, he reentered the fray at the eleventh hour and pushed the process over the line – he had done this successfully in December causing a flurry of legislation […]

Training Congress is Like Training a Puppy

December 18, 2010


We the American people need to take our Congress back.  The summer prior to the passage of the   contentious health care legislation, Congress played us like a violin.  We were “polarized” and “manipulized” to the point that we formed large, long columns of warriors behind our representatives and shouted our support down the lane.  What […]

The Government Plan to Halt On-Line Tracking

December 4, 2010


[From CNN on air]   The Federal Trade Commission [FT] has devised a plan much like the Do Not Call Plan for phones.  The Do Not Track Plan would feature a  software add-on you could install.  You could then control who tracked you and who did not. The downside of this control being placed in Consumer […]

Dems Flunk Communications 101 – Have a Hard Time Explaining Themselves

October 13, 2010


Remember last March during the heat of the debate surrounding passage of health care legislation when Speaker of the  House, Nancy Pelosi intoned:  “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it”? [Sistertoldjah] Looks as if Republicans don’t talk down to constituents; Democrats do. She didn’t give voters […]

Brazil’s Amazing New Anti-Corruption Law

September 7, 2010


Once again Brazil is in the forefront of political action, this time domestic. [South America’s largest Democracy] is taking huge strides to wash away corruption in politics with a groundbreaking new law referred to as Ficha Limpa – which means ‘clean slate’ in English. The law would permanently bar anybody from running for any political […]

Do Democrats or Asteroids Cause Extinctions? Something Larger than Man Must Control Climate Change

July 26, 2010


Recently we received the good word that asteroids knock out life on earth roughly every 27 million years and it is calculated that we have about 16 million years left before another round of it.  It was the asteroids that helped make mammals supreme having last time around focused on killing dinosaurs. [CNN] No worries, […]

Taking Back The America We Are Slowly Losing

July 16, 2010


As we contemplate yet another landmark legislative effort by the Obama Administration that has succeeded and what it will really mean for  us other than the creation of new agencies and the hiring of more staff thus extending the size of the Federal Government, let’s hear a  young voice of hope that we can take […]