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Breaking: Gaddafi Killed Fleeing Sirte – Multiple Accounts – Updated 10:14 PM EDT- 20 October

October 20, 2011


10:14 PM   EDT 20 October – It is clear now that just exactly how Quaddafi died and who killed him will long be in dispute.  If  you go to CNN, you will find that he died in a crossfire.  But across the pond, the UK’s Daily Mail has a different account, replete with graphic […]

Libya: Obama Doctrine – It’s The Right Thing To Do vs. The Law of the Land

June 29, 2011


Forget the Law,  it’s all in the slight of word, it’s the Obama Doctrine:  “It’s the right thing to do.”  At his News Conference today, President Obama was asked if his actions in Libya were in violation of the War Powers Act.  The President of course built his foundation for an answer that stopped short […]

US General Negative on NATO Handling of Libya; Suggests Ground Troops

April 8, 2011


The end of European respect for the US is nigh.  The negative remarks of  Army General Carter Ham (the US general who led our troops in Libya) to the press about NATO’s handling of the war in Libya and hinting at ground troops to solve the stalemate are damming. If the Government shuts down, one […]

Brazil President Talks Tough Against The US Led Bombing of Libya

April 3, 2011


No one pays attention to history anymore – largely because it is not taught or taught well in schools.  Case in point:  The press had the American people convinced that the new President of Brazil (most US students won’t know where it is) would be more of a centrist than her predecessor, Lula, and that […]

A New Kind of Warfare in Libya or Just More Disinformation

April 2, 2011


Yet another journalist heard from who is “telling it as it is” and revealing the “truth” about  the war in Libya.  In today’s Telegraph, Con Coughlin puts forth the case for our now turning to warfare that utilizes brain over brawn. But the main focus of the coalition effort is increasingly focused on intelligence and […]

US Declares Arming Rebels Means Training; We Already Have Troops On the Ground to Do This

March 30, 2011

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Holding President Obama back from rushing ahead to arm the rebels in Libya is the idea that for the more complicated weapons, training is needed.  We agonize over having boots on the ground.  Well On My Watch has already posted an article about the fact that there are already US boots on the ground: Islamabad—The […]

Outrageous: US Weighs Arming Libyan Rebels Some of Whom are al Qaeda

March 26, 2011


We just don’t know how to avoid World War III.  We are so good at alienating whole regions on the globe and at selling arms to whoever wants them  that somewhere out there we will round a corner and come up against someone we used to consider a friend pointing one of our guns at […]