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71 Yr Old Harry Potter Actress Speaks Truth About Race Relations

June 23, 2012


An article in the UK’s Daily Mail blew me away this morning.  Both the action reported and the reaction of both press and people around her have been instructive. was left speechless on the Graham Norton show last night after Harry Potter actress  Miriam Margolyes told the star that she was ‘fascinated’ to meet […]

Time Out for Fairness: The Piers Morgan – Toure Encounter and the Breitbart Hack Headline

March 31, 2012


Breitbart has a feature article titled: “MSNBC’s Toure has epic Race-Baiting Meltdown on CNN.”  It seemed a must read or rather a must watch clip from CNN’s Piers Morgan show.  Having watched the video, the headline is as far from the truth of the content as Africa from Central America.  It is a hack headline […]

Public Playing Fast and Loose with Trayvon Shooting

March 29, 2012


The Commander-in-Chief followed the same pattern he had in the Gates case against the Cambridge, MA police. He bypassed the fact that all of the facts were not in regarding the Trayvon-Zimmerman case and that the shooter had not been tried (albeit overwhelming evidence suggests he did deliberately shoot young Trayvon).  Will this prejudice a […]

John Wiley Price and the People of Dallas – The History Behind His Outburst

February 17, 2011


It would be difficult for anyone reading about or seeing the video of  Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and a citizen in a Court session go at it ending with Price’s cheap shot heard ’round the world “you’re all white. Go to hell.”  Whichever way you judged the proceedings and the people, there is […]

Goaded by Racial Slurs, Dallas Commissioner Tells Insulting Whites “You’re White. Go to Hell”

February 16, 2011


At Tuesday’s meeting of the Dallas County Commissioners’ Court, Commissioner John Wiley Price, a black, was heckled by whites using what he understood to be racial slurs regarding his alleged participation in forcing the resignation of  an Election Commissioner who was a 24-year county employee.  Following the session, Price exploded at the offending group that […]

Obama Back In “Local” Politics – His Actions Akin to Insisting Air Force One Land on a Pacific Atoll

December 29, 2010


Obama just doesn’t get  it.  When it comes to local politics or issues with which he does not have  time to become embroiled or to follow through, he has no sense of propriety or proportion in the execution of the priorities of his office.  For the third time in his presidency, he has dragged  his […]

Obama Resorts to Racial Rant in Rhode Island

October 25, 2010


Blacks know the pain in the phrase “the back of the bus.”  Barack Obama called up that pain in Rhode Island today.  Dropping down into the state in which he had not endorsed the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, the President roared: [That] Republicans had driven the economy into a ditch and then stood by and criticized […]