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Barack and the Battle for the Budget. A Cautionary Tale for Republicans

April 9, 2011


Once again, the worm has turned and Barack Obama has emerged from a key debate with some portion of the successful outcome.  Like a deus ex machina, he reentered the fray at the eleventh hour and pushed the process over the line – he had done this successfully in December causing a flurry of legislation […]

Obama Back In “Local” Politics – His Actions Akin to Insisting Air Force One Land on a Pacific Atoll

December 29, 2010


Obama just doesn’t get  it.  When it comes to local politics or issues with which he does not have  time to become embroiled or to follow through, he has no sense of propriety or proportion in the execution of the priorities of his office.  For the third time in his presidency, he has dragged  his […]

Sen. Thune Threatens Tea Party Movement Could Be a 3rd Party by 2012. Where’s Sarah?

October 3, 2010


John Thune’s Wikipedia  bio is up to date – it even mentions a possible Presidential bid for the South Dakota Senator.  Since defeating former Senate  Minority Leader Tom Dashel in 2004, his head has barely been out of the clouds it seems. He is pretty much a mirror of Sarah Palin but unlike Mrs. Palin, […]

Citizen Judgment Calls Impaired. Great Evidence for Need to Reform Education

September 26, 2010


One of the reforms that would have taken more time to implement and an even longer time  to calculate results would have been education reform.  It should have been a priority. It is obvious today that the stupid human tricks we see in the press highlighted as comedy are the result of people falling through […]

Barack Obama’s Political Death Wish

August 15, 2010


It’s almost as if he determined at the outset that he would be a one term president. He is a realist.  From his initial press conference to his trips abroad, he never said anything off-hand and much of what he said was controversial.  If he were on trial, his attorneys would have advised that he […]

Taking Back The America We Are Slowly Losing

July 16, 2010


As we contemplate yet another landmark legislative effort by the Obama Administration that has succeeded and what it will really mean for  us other than the creation of new agencies and the hiring of more staff thus extending the size of the Federal Government, let’s hear a  young voice of hope that we can take […]

Small Business Still Struggling Under Obama and Congress. Lack of Loans Continues

July 16, 2010


When choruses of small business owners and many economists spoke  up last year that lack of small business loans was hampering economic growth, there were promises but no significant change.  The President has repeatedly urged banks to loosen their lending policies and procedures but to no avail.  In his January State of the Union speech, […]