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Operating Instructions Spoil the Fun

June 21, 2012


It is a universal truth that most people who confront some kind of device or machine with which they must come to terms do not even consider the helpful instruction manual.  Why is this?  Practitioners will say that these things just make dealing with the inner workings and operation more confusing.  But isn’t the truth […]

The New Christy Minstrels Sing the Songs of the GOP Malaise

January 1, 2012


It’s true.  What’s old is new again.  In reviewing one of my favorite groups from the 1960s, it became clear that the New Christy Minstrels are the voice of the sufferers of GOP Mobility malaise – the fact they cannot move forward united and with conviction.   If everyone doesn’t get in the Republican wagon […]

Dancing With the Stars Studio Receives White Powder

November 20, 2010


Well either there is a fatwa on DWTS because women contestants are not properly dressed  (lots of leg, etc.) or there is a nut case out there who doesn’t understand basic human psychology.  Someone sent white powder along with a threatening note to the studios of the now popular program. The white powder turned out […]

Barry and Bill – Men Behaving Badly

November 1, 2010


It is an international disaster.  With Den Mother and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton away in Asia for two weeks, Bill and Barack have done their very best to mess up the House and perhaps the Senate elections.  She knew what would be coming.  Bill is carrying on as if he were still President.  Barack […]

Is 9/11 Islamic Center Zoned for a Circus?

August 19, 2010


This week the discussion about the viability of a Mosque near ground zero on 9/11 morphed from a regional issue to a national forum led by the President and finally  into a three-ring circus as Nancy Pelosi became self-appointed ringmaster cracking her whip and demanding an investigation of the mosque’s backers as well as opponents. […]

Hollywood – Home of the Left – Now Helping Levi Run for Mayor of Wasilla

August 10, 2010


Only in Hollywood could this scenario be worthy of more than 2 minutes of serious consideration:  Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin’s ex-fiancee and father of their son, Trek, will be running for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska this fall.  That’s right, he has seen the light and politics is his future – that is as long as […]

Presidents on Vacation – Obamas Break New Ground

August 6, 2010


Countless binary bits have been expended on the Obama vacations this summer.  Considering it has been the hottest summer on record for decades and that Washington is known for its oppressive summers in the best of times, you could almost forgive any President of any party who does something to escape that a few weekends […]