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Mitt Romney – Lost My Vote 9-11-2012

September 13, 2012


Mitt’s Mouth has lost my vote for him.  No matter the accuracy of his remarks, it was poor form for him to respond to a developing  crisis  in the Middle East that occurred on the anniversary of the infamous attack on our soil in NYC with an ad hominem attack on the President.  He did […]

Obama Has Data Base on Us That Needs Regulation And It Is For His Campaign

June 10, 2012


Question:  When does a database kept on possible voters cross the privacy line?  The one Barack Obama has developed to help in his campaign this go round is more formidable than the last time he ran.  Now it includes information on who your friends are and how your mother voted in the last election.  This […]

We Tear Down Everything From Celebraties to Governments – Where Has Respect Gone

May 26, 2012


The UK’s Daily Mail likes to dish the latest about celebrities worldwide. They do not spare anyone a close look and/or a teardown. For example, the ladies below and their feet – yes their feet. The Mail took a good look where others don’t bother to tread and came up with some unkind images and […]

Pilgrimage to Cornwall – Via Bath and Many Misadventures

April 29, 2012


The videos tell it all.  They will be uploaded over time. This first is the Fast Train from Sofitel Hotel at Terminal 5 at Heathrow  Airport to Paddington Station. This next finds me at Paddington Station where I was making a video and interrupted by a trainsman who restored my purse to me that I […]

The Battle in America Isn’t Racial

April 18, 2012


Tangela Ekhoff  wrote an opinion piece on that makes some good points. She both casts her critical gaze at the KKK and whites as well as Al Sharpton & Company and blacks. But is it really about race?  Or is it a battle of enlightened, God-fearing minds against the darker forces of human nature […]

Christ Needed Us to Watch With Him; Democracy Demands We Watch It’s Fading Flame

April 4, 2012


At key moments in history, we have been asked to watch and/or to bear witness. Our active participation has been summoned. A phrase that has always moved me almost to tears is the one Christ uttered Maundy Thursday “would not ye watch with me for an hour”? addressed to his sleeping comrades. John F. Kennedy […]

Why Romney Can’t Wrap This Up on His Schedule

March 27, 2012


George Romney is all for circumventing the opportunity for all states to participate in the primary and vote for a  few choices rather than confirm one choice.  Down the road, there should be a move to have one primary day. It would save candidates money – something we need to do to encourage the less […]