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Bank of America in Trouble – Excuse Me While I Dance and Sing

September 30, 2011


This morning the following arrived from Huff Post Hill: BANK OF AMERICA JUST BEGGING TO GO DOWN – Bank of America today announced that it would begin charging $5 per month for debit card usage, because defrauding homeowners and cashing taxpayer checks was no longer a winning business model. Well, they announced that first part, […]

BANK OF AMERICA Rolls Out New Credit Card Fees

April 25, 2011


The CEO of Bank of America promised it and now it has come to pass.  He promised that if the Bank rules and regs were changed and threatened profits, that banks would begin raising fees. Saturday an announcement of new terms for my BAC VISA credit card hit my mailbox.  What a shock.  One late […]

Bank Regulation Fails As JP Morgan Shows 67% Profit Gain On Fees

April 13, 2011


At the time Congress introduced new measures to regulate banks and their loan mechanisms – including credit cards, BAC thumbed its nose at the efforts and vowed that it would have to raise fees to make up for the lost income.  Indeed at least one large bank has done that to a remarkable extent and […]


June 25, 2010


Bank reform according to Barney Frank has been finalized by the House and Senate. It will be up for a vote next week in time for the President’s signature on another Obama-tailored for maximum effect day – the fourth of July.  No matter, banks like Bank of America didn’t lose all of their playing cards […]