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Bill Maher and His Brand of “Crazy Stupid Politics”

February 25, 2012


CNN uses “comedian” Bill Maher both as an element of entertainment and as a political commentator.  Because of his cachet at the network, his opinions have slipped the bonds of entertainment and have become a version of  reality – of the “truth” – his truth. Not one to mince words, at times he could wish […]

Keith Obermann – Dancing with the Stars?

January 22, 2011


According to CNN on-air comments during last night’s Anderson Cooper 360, Keith Obermann’s exit from MSNBC was expected and Obermann is not unhappy about it.  Officially, the reason being buzzed is that Comcast’s purchase of NBC Universal resulted in the leave-taking.  He’s happy to be moving on.  But to what and where?  Dancing with the […]

Bill Maher: Republicans Have More Extremists Than Muslims

January 10, 2011


Back on CNN tonight as a commentator, comedian Bill Maher managed to yoke Republican extremists with Muslim extremists:  Republicans have more extremists in their ranks he said. He went on to positively make idiots out of them claiming they were akin to “foolish school girls” (I will correct this when Anderson Cooper’s 360 transcript for […]

Bill Maher: When Did He Become a Respected News Analyst?

December 5, 2010


Fareed Zakaria is a very bright individual.  Mumbai produces thousands of them and they all hit our shores at one time or another only these days they opt to go back to Mumbai.  His Sunday morning program, Fareed Zakaria GPS, is a joy because he goes out of is way to engage people from around […]