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China and the Taliban Update

October 9, 2012


As we withdraw from Afghanistan, my thoughts turned to China doing extensive copper mining in the north.  Here is a timely article that addressed my concerns:  

Further Evidence US Soldiers Are China’s Mercenaries and That China Controls Most of the Globe Now

January 19, 2012


Not satisfied to have supplied Iran with weaponry and support for its civilian nuclear program, China has now done what only a year ago would have been unthinkable: A cooperation agreement signed Sunday in Riyadh by China and Saudi Arabia. According to the Saudi Jidda News, the agreement will seek joint development of “atomic energy […]

My Chinese Brush Pot

December 5, 2011


My Grandmother purchased the above item during a trip to China ca 1910.  That and other “souvenirs” of the trip to India, China and Japan she made as a young girl were kept in a curio cabinet at my paternal Grandfather’s home.  She died the year before I was born so everything to do with […]

Chinese Troops in Pakistan – Defensive or Offensive Move for Pakistan?

March 6, 2011


The latest news from the site, Pakistankakhudahafiz is that Chinese troops are in northern Pakistan and many in the region see it as portending a war between China and the US.   Clearly China has made significant arms sales to Pakistan.  But would it be willing to directly intercede in the region?  It aims to […]

Hillary Has Handled the Middle East Crisis. Obama Finally Speaks. Biden MIA Does China Have a Role?

February 24, 2011


As she stood next to the podium today when President Obama finally opened his mouth about Libya, Hillary Clinton, jaw set, looked ready to kill someone.  She has just too much on her plate: the full range of diplomacy for the diplomatically-challenged President, Chelsey’s failing marriage after 5 million dollars and 6 months and wondering […]

China Undercuts Obama Green Energy Iniatives

February 19, 2011


All that talk from President Obama about reviving our economy and creating  jobs to foster clean, green living in the US has been too little, too late. Read this summary of the current situation: Chinese solar panel manufacturers accounted for slightly over half the world’s production last year. Their share of the American market has […]

Chinese Merchants Target Northern Iraq

February 15, 2011


A Chinese woman stocks the shelves of her store in a Chinese marketplace in semi-autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan in northern Iraq.  She got there because she responded to an ad from a Chinese company. She and the company believe there will be expanding opportunities in this region of Iraq: “I came to do business here. I […]