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CNN Embraces the Slick – Erin Burnett and Her New Show “Out Front”

October 31, 2011


At CNN, news has to be delivered in a fast-paced almost breathless style by the well-groomed, nay almost slick types from Hollywood casting.  In spite of  himself, Anderson Cooper has become more than likeable, overweight anchor, Candy Crowley is one of the most respected journalists and funny woman Jeannie Most keeps us laughing over her […]

How Do the Dems Keep Deluding Americans That Republicans ARE ALL Part of the 1% “Elite”?

October 19, 2011


It is amazing what the media and a determined Democratic Party and administration and Senate can come together to achieve:  the myth that the GOP are the greedy 1% that have created and maintain the gap between the haves and have-nots.  The numbers and the facts simply do not support this.  For starters, most of […]

An Unfocused Perry in CNN Nevada Debates Should Spell an End to His Campaign

October 19, 2011


Early in the Nevada GOP debate this evening, Governor Romney said to a Perry who kept aggressively talking over him(an approximation of his words):  “You have a problem with both people speaking. If you can’t listen to others, how could  you be President of the United States”?  In addition to talking over Romney, Perry managed […]

Dem’s Top Black Strategist Blasts Herman Cain as Racist

September 30, 2011


Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher appeared on CNN last night and followed Democratic dogma in playing the race card this time against Herman Cain, GOP Presidential primary  candidate. He said Cain was racist when he referred to black voters as having been “brainwashed.”  His definition of a racial remark is one that characterizes and entire group […]

CNN Poll and Sarah Palin Marginalize Herman Cain Less Than 48 Hours After Florida Straw Poll Win

September 28, 2011


Where’s the bounce?  Herman Cain trounced all the other candidates in the Florida Straw Poll Saturday the 24th of September and the very next day CNN carried the results of one of their polls that headlined Romney and Perry as still leading the pack. While Perry led this poll, Romney was seen as the winner […]

BEWARE: CNN Crown’s Republican Candidate as Future Direction of Party

September 14, 2011


They always do it.  The media always love to provide the answers before Americans have even asked the question. Who is the front runner who will change Republican party politics forever – why ask Fareed Zakaria.  It would be Rick Perry.  He is the grass-roots southern candidate that will lead the party from its former […]

CNN – Is It a “Reliable Source”? The NPR Scandal Puts Them On Edge

March 13, 2011


Sunday mornings brings CNN’s Reliable Sources hosted by Howard Kurtz. According to the CNN page devoted to the show, the philosophy behind it is put forth: Now more than ever, the press is a part of every story it covers. And CNN’s “Reliable Sources” is one of television’s only regular programs to examine how journalists […]