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Study of Businesses and Their Connectivity Raises Concern for Global Economic Stability

October 20, 2011


Here’s a scary bedtime story I found at midnight tonight: ‘One super-corporation runs the global economy’… and it could be terrifyingly unstable Well, now, we of a suspicious nature who believe in conspiracies will almost feel justified.  And then to learn that Banks are the largest players…. A University of Zurich study ‘proves’ that a […]

Severity of US Economic Mess Causes Spreading Protests

February 19, 2011


Our Chinese creditors have been pressuring us to get the budget under control. Now even key administration members are addressing the need. In testifying before the Senate Budget Committee Thursday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner made a candid admission, characterizing President Barack Obama’s own budget plan as “unsustainable” with interest payments and obligations that are “excessively […]

Economic Downturn Cause of Clear and Present Danger

January 25, 2011


Underpinning the unrest in North African countries of late is economic disparity.  People without jobs. And then most of these Governments are run by old, corrupt despots (Wikileaks revealed this about Tunisia) .  It is a dangerous game being played in a dangerous corner of the globe. The Huffing Post is spot on today: Arianna […]