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“Midnight In Paris” a Gem from Allen’s Mind After a Long Hiatus

October 18, 2011

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NOTE:  The following is an endorsement of Allen’s film; not his morals. Once when asked where his comedy came from Woody Allen replied “I don’t know.”  It was the answer of a true comedic genius – in fact anyone of artistic genius.  The creative spirit takes many forms but generally it comes from the direction […]

The Black Swan Not as Bad as “Billed”

January 22, 2011


For those of you who cling to reviews – book, play, art show, whatever – you will miss a lot of life if you are guided by others.  You may indeed hit a” B” instead of an “A” movie but there is a lot in a”B” or even in a “C” movie that pushes the […]

Strangely Believe It: William Shatner’s Death Mask Used for 1978 Movie Halloween?

October 30, 2010


“Strangely believe it,” but William Shatner’s death mask made for Star Trek was doctored up and used in the low-budget first Halloween movie.  Look carefully at the central character, the returned from the dead Michael Myers and you will become a believer. Here, Shatner and his daughter discuss how all of this came about: Now […]

Movie “Catfish” Chronicles Dangerous On-Line Dreams and Deception

October 9, 2010


ABC’s 20/20 examined the background of the 3 young photographer friends who photographed and video taped everything – each other, their environment – everything and hourly it seemed. Their most noteworthy project was filming one of their own, Nev.  He had befriended an 8-year-old girl on MySpace.  Before he knew it, he had befriended her […]