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Romney Takes Republicans Where None Have Gone Before – Off the Map

July 12, 2012


Republican politics in this country have undergone a paradigm shift and anyone who is not a member of the extreme right is now looking mighty irrelevant.  Such is Mitt Romney’s fate.  Even Sarah and  is blundering his way through the campaign.  In the process he has rendered himself laughable and out of touch with the […]

Why Romney Can’t Wrap This Up on His Schedule

March 27, 2012


George Romney is all for circumventing the opportunity for all states to participate in the primary and vote for a  few choices rather than confirm one choice.  Down the road, there should be a move to have one primary day. It would save candidates money – something we need to do to encourage the less […]

Media Is Picking Prez Candidate For Republicans And It’s Romney – er Make that Palin

May 31, 2011


In a guest piece on the CNN website,  David Frum speaks to the allure of Palin for the press over against a man he sees as the more qualified candidate for the presidency and the one supposedly out front, George Romney.  But many have had their fill of the plastic, robot-like man waiting confidently in […]