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Big Money – Big Wins – Top Ten Contests – Are they Rigged??

February 26, 2012


Let’s begin with the top item on this list. See how many you feel are rigged. 1 The presidency of the US.  Big money – big promotion. 2. The Oscars – big money – big promotion. 3. Congressional races – big money – big promotion. 4. Political appointments – every level. 5. Certain Pro and […]

Obama In Afghanistan as Jobless Rate Rises

December 3, 2010


Who knows what special treat the Obama women are enjoying this weekend and in what state while Dad is in Afghanistan with the troops playing Commander-in-Chief.  It is the only venue in which he is guaranteed respect. In an amazing yoking together of opposites, we have an Obama who has expanded the office of the […]

Brazil’s Amazing New Anti-Corruption Law

September 7, 2010


Once again Brazil is in the forefront of political action, this time domestic. [South America’s largest Democracy] is taking huge strides to wash away corruption in politics with a groundbreaking new law referred to as Ficha Limpa – which means ‘clean slate’ in English. The law would permanently bar anybody from running for any political […]

Afghanistan – An Embarrassment of Riches – Minerals and More

June 15, 2010


A short time ago the US announced that Afghanistan was a treasure trove of important minerals – lithium, copper, etc. as well as lapis lazuli and gold.  Already as in the Viet Nam War era when that country’s off shore oil was thought to be our ultimate goal, the wags are asserting that these riches […]

Blagovitch Reconsidered in a Worthy Forum

April 23, 2010

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Regarding current leaks from the Rod Blagojevich trial, a must read will be Professor Jacobson’s post today at, “My Blago’s Back, Is Obama gonna be in trouble”?  It summarizes current misdeeds of the Wicked White House – including those of the  Wicked Warlock himself.  Former Michigan Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s attorneys have asked the judge […]