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Cairo and Wisconsin – Echoes of Similarities in the Social Media Bottom Up Revolutions

June 18, 2011


A very well written article at AlJazeera commands attention to those of us taken aback by upheaval on a global scale.  Behind much of  the upheaval, the enabling construct of the social media websites. SamHenry has her own view. Ironically both liberating and increasingly dogmatic in gathering information for purposes yet to be justified, the […]

Could a State in Europe or the US Be Toppled Using Social Media?

January 31, 2011


Announcers analyze and pronounce that social media have helped engineer the toppling of governments in the Near and Middle East.  But has the genie been let out of the bottle?  Journalism has fallen into the hands of the people.  Anyone with a computer of any kind can get word out there in text or video […]

SOCIAL NETWORKS – Their Growing Power in Corporate Life

November 4, 2010


Here are the credentials of an expert in the digital world who has written an article we all should read: Andrew McAfee is a principal research scientist at the Center for Digital Business at MIT. He coined the phrase “Enterprise 2.0” and his book on the topic was published in 2009 by Harvard Business School […]

Facebook Knows When You Will Break Up; Do They Tell Santa If You’ve Been Naughty or Nice As Well?

November 3, 2010


It seems that daily we are hearing something else about Facebook and the data they maintain on us.  The company itself is “surprised” by what happens to it (data you marked as “private” is being used by third party companies that are not supposed to keep or manipulate data in order to provide services to […]

Movie “Catfish” Chronicles Dangerous On-Line Dreams and Deception

October 9, 2010


ABC’s 20/20 examined the background of the 3 young photographer friends who photographed and video taped everything – each other, their environment – everything and hourly it seemed. Their most noteworthy project was filming one of their own, Nev.  He had befriended an 8-year-old girl on MySpace.  Before he knew it, he had befriended her […]

Forget Facebook; Trash Twitter. Get Your Own Webpage for your Group

October 8, 2010


Now Facebook is offering an application that will separate your friends into interest groups or whatever way you want to configure and organize them.  They have also made it possible to download all of your information (to what purpose?).  You can’t send corrections to anyone.  They have made it possible to see where your information […]

Could Facebook Be Tracking Us For, Say, Satan – I Mean the Government?

October 4, 2010


Remember Church Lady (Dana Garvey) on Saturday night live?  The prude (a lot like me) used to have moments of Freudian lapse when she would say “you mean like (pause) Satan”?  Or words to that effect. Well Facebook is the Devil incarnate and I am tired of being greeted at each web site and told […]