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The Truth About the Diamond Jubilee

June 10, 2012


Few journalists these days can get away with reporting the “truth.”  That kind of courage is in short supply.  But to Peter Hitchens, it is all in a day’s work.  He can not bring himself to function any other way.  This is about the truth of the matter – the Queen catering to the masses […]

Elizabeth II, Queen of Hats. SamHenry’s Favorites – The Hits and a Big Miss

June 1, 2012


SamHenry’s favorite hat worn by Queen Elizabeth II adorned her head in 1977 at the religious service during celebrations for her Silver Jubilee. The bells dropping from chords at the back were lovely and not hoaky. Now for my least favorite hat.  It was worn for the investiture of Prince Charles in Wales and looked […]

Royal Barges and Special Events

June 1, 2012

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This Sunday Queen Elizabeth II and selected members of her family will travel down the Thames in a flotilla of  vessels aboard a  barge called Spirit of Chartwell.  She may no longer have her yacht, Britannia, but she has use of both this and also her very own  new barge, Gloriana,  in time for her […]

The Queen and Her Military Service During WW II

May 28, 2012

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When President Obama first came to office, he and the then Prime Minister of France, Sarkozy, were pretty much in charge of the upcoming D-Day anniversary celebration.  And the two of these men really flubbed the guest list.  They failed to invite the one head of state still-living that had served in the military during  […]

Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee “Progress” Proves She Has Single-Handedly Saved the Monarchy to this Point

March 30, 2012


“Nobody does it better…” Carly Simon belted out years ago and that would certainly be a song to summarize the 60 year reign of Elizabet II.  She has been head of state longer than any other monarch. Her knowledge of history, current events and politics is encyclopaedic.  She is at her age flexible and ready […]

How the Royal Family Plays It: Pay Fergie’s Debts, Insist on a Move?

October 18, 2011

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In recent years, “The Firm” as the British royals refer to themselves, have had a very successful way of dealing with devastating revelations about their members.  They have updated the PR people helping them but most of all have glided steadfastly on into the future as if there were not a ripple on the water […]