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Dem’s Top Black Strategist Blasts Herman Cain as Racist

September 30, 2011


Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher appeared on CNN last night and followed Democratic dogma in playing the race card this time against Herman Cain, GOP Presidential primary  candidate. He said Cain was racist when he referred to black voters as having been “brainwashed.”  His definition of a racial remark is one that characterizes and entire group […]

2012 Racial Race to the White House

September 25, 2011


The issue of illegal immigration infected the GOP Presidential debates.  Perry supports financial breaks for illegals from Mexico and South America to go to school.  That has unleashed a firestorm. And now the President of the United states, not trusting in his seconds to do it for him or his seconds having refused to do […]

John Wiley Price and the People of Dallas – The History Behind His Outburst

February 17, 2011


It would be difficult for anyone reading about or seeing the video of  Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and a citizen in a Court session go at it ending with Price’s cheap shot heard ’round the world “you’re all white. Go to hell.”  Whichever way you judged the proceedings and the people, there is […]

Goaded by Racial Slurs, Dallas Commissioner Tells Insulting Whites “You’re White. Go to Hell”

February 16, 2011


At Tuesday’s meeting of the Dallas County Commissioners’ Court, Commissioner John Wiley Price, a black, was heckled by whites using what he understood to be racial slurs regarding his alleged participation in forcing the resignation of  an Election Commissioner who was a 24-year county employee.  Following the session, Price exploded at the offending group that […]

Sherrod’s Full Tape Shows Her Unrepentent Hate of Rich White Republicans

July 30, 2010


From the President to the press, months of broadly categorizing the GOP as racist and in linking it to the Tea Party, may have finally paid off.  After Andrew Breitbart at Big Government, a noted Conservative blogger, published a post citing Shirley Sherrod of the Department of Agriculture as racist based on a portion of […]