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Palin Bio Pic on HBO Pure Democratic Propaganda

March 10, 2012


A newly minted movie about Sara Palin and the 2008 Republican campaign, Game Change, will be playing tonight on HBO.  The channel has an excellent reputation for creating high quality  films about all manner of subjects such as the award-winning John Adams.  It is disappointing, therefore, to see that vendor engaging in blatant propaganda during […]

Occupy Demonstrators Are a Drab Lot Unlike Those of the ’60s and ’70s

November 20, 2011


It’s been coming on for a long time. In Paris – that capital that used to be so chic with women who wore clothes and accessories only they could wear – is no more – just look at the crowds.  Europeans have become, well, drab.  This drabness  has been communicated to millions in America.  OR […]

Sarah Palin On The 18 October Debate: Newt Gingrich Won

October 19, 2011


Thanks to for posting this clip from the Greta Van Susteren Show highlighting Sarah Palin’s take on the October 18th debate.  For the remainder of the tape that did feature Gingrich and others commenting on the debate see YouTube under Fox News.   As you can see from the above, Sarah has become a […]

Palin Will Not Run But … Does Anyone Feel a Draft?

October 5, 2011


Palin saying no to a run for the Rose Garden is one thing; Palin’s extensive and dedicated and vocal national following allowing this to happen may be a horse of another color.  It is hard to imagine them just cashing in their chips. Think of the hundreds of websites that have been established in her […]

What Works for Sarah Palin – Less Time in Front of Media Before the Primaries?

October 2, 2011


There is a very real sense in which Sarah Palin’s handlers and the shrewd strategist herself have concluded that if she does run for President, she will hop in at the last possible moment both for the drama of it but most of all to ensure less media scrutiny ahead of the primaries. Could it […]

To Speak Any Shade of Ill About Sarah Palin is Tatamount to Slamming a Saint

September 26, 2011


What is it about the tried and true followers of Sarah Palin?  Make even the mildest criticism of her and it is as if you have slammed a saint.  You are called not only unreasonable but out of the loop.  Mental doors shut and you know this or that person will never again take what […]

Can Sarah Palin Survive 2 Gossip-Filled Books OR Has Her Rogue Nature Done Her In?

September 23, 2011


With not one but two books filled with red-hot gossip about Sarah Palin hitting shelves and hard drives this week (no titles or authors will be publicized here), is it any wonder that Palin supporters are questioning not Sarah Palin but the authors of these books?  Their negativity may backfire and actually add to her […]