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And the Winner is – Romney and Corporate America

April 4, 2012


Given status by the President himself via mention in a speech delivered early in the day, Romney became President in the minds of many headed to the polls and everyone wants to be on the winning side.  Just another example of meddling and manipulation – two of the REAL forces in politics especially at election […]

Bill Maher and His Brand of “Crazy Stupid Politics”

February 25, 2012


CNN uses “comedian” Bill Maher both as an element of entertainment and as a political commentator.  Because of his cachet at the network, his opinions have slipped the bonds of entertainment and have become a version of  reality – of the “truth” – his truth. Not one to mince words, at times he could wish […]

Democrary No More: Foreign Nations, Corporations and Unions, etc. Are In Charge of Election 2012

January 18, 2012


We think only China would somehow invest in the campaigns of Congressmen or the President.  Would it were true. More nations than China  have a vested interest in the outcome of our national elections.  For one thing, rather than back room donations, simple ads placed in states could help sway voter sympathy. [T]hanks to holes […]