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Wind in the Wicker or How 60 MPH Winds in Western NY Blew My Porch Furniture Away

January 18, 2012


We were warned that there would be 60 mph gusts last night. I did not question the forecast because our weather this season has been more than unseasonable.  We have not had to deal with much snow and temperatures have been way above normal.  How I love global warming but then I am not a […]

SamHenry’s Winter Weather Complaint and Comment Center Open for Business.

October 24, 2011


Don’t you just love the title?  Now spam will be directed here from businesses of all manner.   The new Winter Weather Complaint and Comment Center at  On My Watch – its location and function – are outlined below.  Did I say “outlined”?  Perhaps this a a slight overstatement of the case.  It is not in […]

We Don’t Put the Shovels Away Until June

May 8, 2011


Like a pack of scouts, the residents of Western New York are always prepared.  In winter, we have some of the largest snow plows in the nation to keep this area on the move and the economy humming.  We don’t trust May because we  have had snow in May.  It builds character; makes us pragmatic. […]

Big Apple Can’t Handle Big Snow

December 28, 2010


Snow mixed with politics was the forecast over the weekend in the nation’s largest city.  Too much snow or too much politics caused Queens and Brooklyn to be almost neglected by the Department of Sanitation plows. At JFK, planes sat on the runway for over 8 hours. This caused the local government to interfere with […]

Temper Fidelis

July 7, 2010


OK.  Joke over.  This much heat on humans on the part of some kind of mean, manipulative god ceases to be of interest. I didn’t do anything to be imprisoned in  my house with ten years of dirty laundry and lint that has kicked up my allergies.  The pump has been primed.  My temper is […]