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September 6, 2011


VICTORY OVER TERROR From the ashes, the emergency responders – the trustworthy and dedicated firemen of New York City – raise Old Glory.  “…[A]nd our flag was still there,” remember that.  Believe in the American spirit.  It is fearless, tireless, but above all, a living thing.  It remembers but it moves forward.  Celebrate that spirit […]

Sen. Thune Threatens Tea Party Movement Could Be a 3rd Party by 2012. Where’s Sarah?

October 3, 2010


John Thune’s Wikipedia  bio is up to date – it even mentions a possible Presidential bid for the South Dakota Senator.  Since defeating former Senate  Minority Leader Tom Dashel in 2004, his head has barely been out of the clouds it seems. He is pretty much a mirror of Sarah Palin but unlike Mrs. Palin, […]

Not Banning the Burqa in France Would Not Stop Terror Attacks

October 2, 2010


The U.S. is expected to issue a travel alert for Europe in light of recent terror threat information, U.S. officials said Saturday. Possible backlash from the French burqa ban is considered a factor. [CNN] In the war against terror, it doesn’t take any action on the part of any of the western nation these days […]

How Muslim “Fundamentalism” Developed

October 1, 2010

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A friend over at The Lone Writer blog gave me a heads up about this site and this wonderful history and analysis of the origins of Muslim Fundamentalism: Understanding political Islam by Nadeem F. Paracha on 09 30th, 2010 | Comments (55) Islamic Fundamentalism: Though usually attributed to the beliefs of modern-day extremist movements in […]

Al Jazeera Article Incites Opposition to US in the So-Called “Militarization” of Border with Mexico

September 18, 2010

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I have often quoted al Jazeera in this space.  Their reporting is, for the most part, well-researched and fairly straight on.  But I reprint here a recent article that had my blood at the boil.  It is the most slanted propaganda I have seen on that site in a while and not well-researched. They have […]

O’Donnell and Obama: Caution, Media Creates Underdogs. Voters Love Underdogs

September 18, 2010


Have you noticed how the media has photographed O’Donnell as a clone Palin?  And have you noted the sanctimonious way in which the Republican stalwarts have announced that they will make her prove her salt before giving her money?  They threw her back to the conservatives to protect. They are treating her in Palin mode […]

Alons, The French Ban the Veil and Re-Assert Import of Fraternity, Egality

September 14, 2010


The French are baaaaack.  The stormers of the Bastille are alive and well and leading the way with courage. The Senate has just passed a bill banning the wearing of face-coverings in public. The bill is aimed at ensuring gender equality, women’s dignity and security, as well as upholding France’s secular values — and its […]